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Our Exclusive Features

Workplace training in Mental Health. High quality, Nationally Accredited and other training to suit business and organisations of all sizes.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Workplace training or at our studio. This highly practical and relevant course is designed for everyone. It helps people to identify the early warning signs that may indicate a developing mental health issue and build the skills and, knowledge to support people towards appropriate professional help.

Staff Training and Guest Speaking

Guest speaking which is engaging and informative to ensure KPI compliance. Mental Health training sessions on topics such as burnout, resilience, self-care, teamwork and identifying early signs of mental health issues. We can save you money by reducing staff turnover and potential litigation.

Topics covered including workplace burnout, teamwork, resilience, self-care, identifying early signs of mental health and spotting the signs to prevent suicide and self-harm. Packed with useful and relevant information and designed for accessibility by most people.

We help change workplace culture

Training offered by Step by Step Training includes the Nationally Accredited Standard Mental Health First Aid course. We also provide short tailored training and speaking sessions to empower staff and management towards better mental health. Guest speaking at your workplace can also be provided to inspire, challenge and ensure KPI compliance in mental health for your business.

Upcoming Courses

Mental Health First Aid

$330per person

Staff Training and Guest Speaking

  • Stress Management and burnout

  • Self-care needs

  • Key workplace supports

  • Mental health issue identification

  • Suicide basicshttps://stepbysteptraining.uteach.io/

  • Tips for aggressive behaviours

  • De-compressing after events

  • Positive conflict

Online Training Modules