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Training and speaking sessions to inspire change, provide relevant information and confidence to support people to engage in conversation about mental health.

Providing research based accredited training in mental health first aid, and self-care to create supportive and caring workplaces and individuals.

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We help change workplace culture

We have developed a range of flexible training programs and content which can be tailored to suit the budget and needs of individuals, businesses and organisations of any size.

Our Exclusive Features

High quality, personally tailored training programs to suit business and organisations of all sizes.

Mental Health First Aid

This highly practical and relevant course helps people to identify the early warning signs that may indicate a developing mental health issue and build the skills and, knowledge to support people towards appropriate professional help.

Customised resilience and self-care training

Helps ensure workplace compliance. Short term, or longer-term training programs offered to support workplaces that are passionate about workforce longevity and ultimately better outcomes for everyone including profits and reduced litigation.

Tailored Team Building Programs

Helps ensure workplace compliance. Short term, or longer-term training programs offered to support workplaces that are serious about building a culture of self-responsibility and accountability, trust, teamwork, and staff participation in decision making.

Inspiring Workplaces towards Change

Learn the skills and be inspired to embrace inevitable change in a positive way. Support everyone in a workplace to uphold each other, genuinely work together and become an unstoppable force.  Maximises workplace compliance.

Our Partners

Some of the businesses that we partner with, or have used our services.

Upcoming Courses

Mental Health First Aid

  • Increases Mental Health Knowledge

  • Builds confidence supporting others

  • Improves attitudes towards mental health issues

  • Increases support provided

  • Reduces recovery time

  • Suicide prevention

  • Nationally Accredited

  • Online, or Face to Face

Workplace Resilience and Self-Care

  • Stress Management

  • Self-care needs

  • Key workplace supports

  • Mental health issue identification

  • Suicide basics

  • Tips for aggressive behaviours

  • De-compressing after events

  • Positive conflict

Team Building and Cultural Change

  • Reduce workplace absenteeism

  • Identify potential litigious behaviours

  • Embracing conflict to build trust

  • Top-down and bottom-up participation

  • Suicide and mental health basics

  • Self-care and Stress management

  • Positive employee performance plans

What Our Customers Are Saying

Here is just a small sample of what our grateful customers have said about Step by Step Training.

Amazing & totally beneficial!

Surprisingly Amazing. Believed it would only be half beneficial; wrong! Too many friends have been depressed, not coping with life, lost jobs, lost family, suicided. Enough!. This course helps you to recognise signs and intervene; even to save a life.

Alex Kaye

Automotive Mechanical Consultant

Great Course

Heather’s delivery of the course materials helped me to understand and retain the main themes of Mental Health First Aid and gave me the tools necessary to support people with a variety of mental health issues.  

Heather was a delight to listen to and encouraged group discussion and role play to further reiterate actions required to identify and support people with mental health issues. A must for everyone who cares for people and loved ones.

Yves Daniel

Rig Supervisor, QGC Shell

Equipped to best assist!

Heather, thank you for leading me through the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course this year. The online delivery worked well for me and I really enjoyed our face to face workshop. The combination of case studies and supporting information is the perfect delivery method for the MHFA course content, which has equipped me to better understand the needs of my colleagues, friends and family and how I can best assist them whilst looking after myself.

Gillian Meppem

Grains Research & Development Corporation
Senior Regional Manager – North

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