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Are you ready for the Mental Health Laws?

Get ready for new mental health laws

On 1st April 2023 it will become mandatory in Queensland, for persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) in Queensland to manage the psychosocial (Mental Health) risks in the workplace. Are you ready for the new Mental Health Laws? Don’t be an April fool and get caught in an expensive litigation battle.

What does ‘psychosocial hazard‘ mean?

A psychosocial hazard is anything that can cause psychological harm to someone’s mental health. Workplaces are filled with psychosocial hazards which include job demands, and lack of support after trauma. Combined with often poor managerial support, and low worker job control. Finally, there are many hazards including lack of clear role boundaries, and poor organisational change management. Other risks to mental health include poor justice within an organisation and inadequate recognition for those working productively.

Bullying, violence and aggression and trauma

Workers are still experiencing bullying, violence and aggression as well as traumatic events. While these are the most obvious hazards in any workplace. What is often overlooked is poor work environment, remote or isolated work, and high compression jobs such as FIFO. All of these can also significantly impact the psychosocial (mental) health of workers and management.

Applying Risk Analysis to these hazards in your Workplace

Firstly, Learn how to Identify psychosocial hazards in your workplace, assess the risk, control these risk and then implement review processes. Secondly, explore how to respond if a worker has an issue or makes a complaint. Finally, plan how to minimise or prevent litigation utilising early planning.

What can managers and organisations do?

Managers can access relevant and compliant training At Step by Step training. We have designed a series of short training sessions for managers to develop understanding of the new laws. Ensure you are ready for the new mental health laws by attending one of these training sessions. Held in Toowoomba, or available on-site subject to minimum numbers.

Workers also need to be aware of their responsibilities under the new mental health laws. Step by Step training has developed tailored training for workers in various industries to ensure they understand and can apply these new laws in their own positions.

All attendees receive a certificate which summarises the content of the training. Manager training includes templates for personalising and use by organisations.

Are you ready for the new Mental Health Laws? Get ready now, with Step By Step Training!

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