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Staying Mentally Well

Staying Mentally Well

Staying mentally well is something we need to do each day.

In order to stay mentally well it is vital that we make small but wise choices every day about not only our mind, but our body and our lifestyle.

People are going to work earlier, and skipping lunches. They are indoors and in front of screens sitting for long hours every day.

It’s about Body, Mind and Spirit are all combined.

Firstly, Keeping our body healthy by eating the right foods, plenty of fresh vegetables, reducing our meat, sugar and carbohydrate intake.

Secondly, Drinking enough water. As a massage therapist in my previous career, most of the clients I saw were chronically dehydrated. This has an effect on every cell of your body, and it increases the stress the body is under.

Utilising regular exercise as a means to get away from the screen is what we all need. Finally, daily walks, fresh air and sunshine will help us all to gain a better perspective on what is important.

Getting enough Rest

Sleep hygiene by washing our sheets at least weekly, as well as cleaning and airing our bedroom. Good sleep patterns are essential. We need to practice going to bed at the same time each night, and getting up at the same time each and every day. Over time, this means that we will actually sleep better. This will help us in staying mentally well.

Being curious and willing to learn new things

Staying Mentally well by embracing the fact that life is full of surprises and adventures. Asking questions and learning information, exploring new places, and meeting new people is essential to reducing the risk of early onset dementia and other debilitating conditions as we get older.

Choosing an attitude of curiosity rather than being judgemental will ensure we are able to make constantly learn and stay flexible.

Risk taking and risk aversion

Taking risks does not mean jumping off things without a safety net, but it does mean doing things that stretch your boundaries. In order to stay mentally healthy we need to challenge ourselves. For some this might be a bush-walk, for others it might be kayaking or white-water rafting. It might be abseiling or rock-climbing. For some it might simply be going into a café and ordering off the menu.

Whatever stretches you, do it often and regularly to build your confidence and help yourself to stay mentally healthy.

What’s stopping you?

The small choices we make each day have huge impacts on our life as we get older. If we smoke, or drink a lot will have huge impacts on our life in later years. Impacts many people regret. I have never heard anyone dying of lung cancer from smoking say they ‘wish’ they had smoked more.

Doing one small thing every day for three weeks makes it a habit. Therefore, doing it for 3 months makes it a lifestyle change. If you walk 10 minutes every day, after a week, you will have walked over an hour. If you do this for a year, that’s more than 2 days of walking. That HAS to have impact on your physical and mental good health.

Enjoy safe people and laughing out loud

Being involved in the community such as clubs, churches, gyms, dances or other social activities is essential to staying mentally healthy.

Having good friends who understand, and accept us. They make us feel expanded rather than belittled.

In conclusion, helping others altruistically and not expecting anything in return we go beyond ourselves. We realise how alike we all actually are and how we are all seeking that sense of belong and community.

Always remember, we cannot stay mentally well alone, we need others, and we may choose to learn skills to help others.

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